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Hope is a thing with feathers…..



I was going through my files and found a recipe  for HOPE cake.

Not dated, not accredited, just a print out. I have no memory of ever  making it….it sounds great, though – Pineapple and orange pound-cake with a cream cheese honey icing….is HOPE Honey-Orange-Pineapple …???Eggs????

Google and discover.

Monday, really Big Fourth Celebrations here in America’s Hometown (that would be Plymouth, not to be confused with all those other America’s Hometowns). Parade with lots of fire trucks and police trucks, all with sirens blaring. Politicians smiling big, waving like the Queen of England, shaking hands; floats with people tossing candies into the crowd. Youth sports teams and other groups of young people, waving their trophies high. Bands, oh those bands. Marching bands, jazz bands, and even rock bands on floats…..and a group from the Priscilla Beach Theatre did a number from A Chorus Line in front of the Grandstand.

pbtchorus line



(Singular Sensation)

Kay and Bunk were there on their red, white and blue bicycles…this image is from another year…..there’s photo another of Bunk at July 4th – Plymouth MA

Bunky and Kay 4July

Cheering, waving.

Dragonflies like crazy all morning. HUGE dragonflies.

The woman seated near me up on Cole’s Hill passed her sunscreen over to me as the morning wore one, Hawaiian Tropics coco-nutty SPF 50 or 70 or 85 – something uber screening for pale Irish skin.Hawaiian tropic several

…..Hawaiian Tropic, an old summer friend, shared by a new friend by location

Milling with the post parade crowd, old friends to catch up with.

Time to head home, buy some OFF and take a little nap to go back for the Phil concert.


Sprayed the OFF on, milled about, kept seeing people I knew, but not able to get up to them before they were lost in the crowd. And it was a crowd. Finally picked a spot where I could see the firework barges in the harbor that didn’t have trees crowding the view overhead AND see the bandstand.

A Bus comes down the blocked off street – the Philharmonic arriving!

They played all the  usual suspects, as well as a Star Trek tribute (50 years since the show first aired) and a tribute to the King – Elvis Presley.

Last number – The 1812 Overture, of course.

And then the fireworks begin.





And then – and then a really big display, mostly low down, close to the water.

And I thought to myself,” It almost looks as if the barge is on fire.”


Denise Maccaferri Photography

july4th 2016

Then nothing.

People around me started saying it was a pretty short show this year and were getting up to leave.

I had to get up so I wouldn’t get trampled by the people climbing up the hill to get to their cars.

Almost every announcement about the fireworks during the day included remarks about how expensive they were, it wasn’t too late to donate…..so a short show WAS a possibility.

I only live a couple of blocks from the waterfront, so I was home lickety-split.

An hour or so late, I found it there really was a fire on the barge.

And thus begins a week of promise that just kept going downhill……

As if Orlando weren’t bad enough, St. Paul, Baton Rouge and then Dallas….too much red blood on too many American streets….

Early this morning a little bird held on the the edge of my window screen,


and I thought of Emily Dickinson…Hope is a thing with feathers…..


“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –
I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.
– Emily Dickinson

And I remembered the cake –

A  Cake called HOPE

It was from Tinky Weisblat’s blog  In Our Grandmothers Kitchens to celebrate the Inaugural of Barack Obama back in January of 2009…
Tinky had also e-mailed me on Thursday to ask me to judge in a Pie Contest.

I said YES.

I’ve been to Pudding Hollow before for judging Puddings….and I love Pies
Pudding hollowjudgesweb

Edie Clark on my left; Michelangelo Wescott to my right – was this 5 years ago?

Feathers of hope, wafting this was way and that



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Birthday Casserole

Because a certain someone has a BIRTHDAY TODAY …and one of his ulterior motives to help me with the technical aspects of a blog was to have access to his favorite recipes….another of Grandma B’s recipes.

Mrs. Granatowicz’s Casserole

(Mrs. G was a LEIGH, NEBR- neighbor-)

A JACOB Favorite

1 ½ lbs. hamburger

1 C chopped celery

1 C chopped onion

2 Tb Oil or Butter

1 sm can mushrooms chopped

1 can cream of mushroom Soup undiluted

1 can cream of Chicken Soup undiluted

1 can Chinese Noodles

  1. brown onions & celery in butter
  2. mix soups together Add the above to soups.
  3. brown hamburger , then add #1 & 2

You can add ½ can bean sprouts or/& water chestnuts. I usually DO NOT. Also, you can leave out the can of mushrooms – I usually use these.

  1. Place in casserole
  2. Top w/ Chinese Noodles.
  3. BAKE 350° for 25 to 30 MIN – until heated through. I have a friend who uses Chicken in place of hamburger.

From Jeanette Burrey, I didn’t date the year she gave me the box, but this was in the box….

Back in the day, Chinese noodles meant one thing - THESE things. Now, there's quite a variety of noodles called Chinese

Back in the day, Chinese noodles meant one thing – THESE things. Now, there’s quite a variety of noodles called Chinese, but these are the one I’m talking about today

The beauty of this casserole is that it is also a last minute Express Lane Special. I usually have celery and onions on hand, it’s the hamburger and the soups – the crema – and the noodles that I need to grab and go. One short list, 10 items or fewer.and a quick mix up and pop in the oven once home. A salad and a bowl of fruit….even better if it’s pineapple chunks you eat with toothpicks or a mango, cut up hedgehog style – OK, 2 more things to pick up.

Open can, pour into a bowl, stick some toothpick in the hunks, happy child at the end of a meal

Open can, pour into a bowl, stick some toothpick in the hunks, happy child at the end of a meal

cut in half, discard pit (or try to root it - I got a little shoot growing out once, but then the cats played wit it one night...)and then cut slices one and and across but not through the skin - pop up and serve...with extra napkins  - mangoes are JUICY

cut in half, discard pit (or try to root it – I got a little shoot growing out once, but then the cats played wit it one night…)and then cut slices one and and across but not through the skin – pop up and serve…with extra napkins – mangoes are JUICY

Jacob and me

Happy Birthday!

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A Fifth

of July.

In Plymouth we start celebrating the Fourth on the Third

flagrock wiki

Flag Rock in Manomet

Flag Rock back-story via a recent Boston Globe story

On the Fourth, Plymouth celebrates with

a big ole PARADE (wicked local photo gallery here)

and some Food For Thought

and of course …….



Then on Sunday the Fifth

Brother #4 fired up the grill for an impromptu cookout. There were

Burgers & Dogs


Buns and Cheeses



Potato and Green

Brother #2 came with his youngest, and on the distaff side there was a significant other, a spouse, Mamma and me.

And what was our conversation, our table talk, as it were?

With the spur of the moment nature of the gathering, there was no pie - but do not worry - WE DID NOT SUFFER

With the spur of the moment nature of the gathering, there was no pie – but do not worry – WE DID NOT SUFFER

What else?



  • Lots of hot dog talk

Uncle Al used to work in a hot dog factory – we remember it as Maple Leaf brand, but Old Tyme Kayem taste closer….the times are a -changing……. These were the dogs that were grilled for this Fifth. The BEST part of the Uncle Al dogs were that you got to pick one out that was just the right size for you. I used to pity the poor souls who could only buy packages where each dog was the same size, As if everyone wanted the same amount of hot dog. As If! …we never called them ‘ends’ or ‘remains’ – they were couture and just for us! We were lucky dogs! And they were fantastic without being cooked, too.

  • And we had the not right buns….becoming so common we didn’t even talk about them.
The right bun

The right bun – toploaders

These pill apart at the side - which are flat and can be grilled OR fried in butter when making a Lobster Roll

These pull apart at the side – which are flat and can be grilled OR fried in butter when making a Lobster Roll

The wrong bun.

The not quite right  bun – sideloaders.

See how the top is on the side when it's in the package

See how the top is on the side when it’s in the package

  • And what’s the deal with hot dog eating contests? Why would you want to eat 62 hotdogs with buns in 10 minutes?????? There are better ways to make a buck.
  • Nathan_2006_Kobayashi
  • I made frankfurters from Mrs Beetons recipe (c. 1900) a long time ago. The moment we added the spice, it smelled like HOT DOG. What was that spice? The real secret is to make a meat mousse and then put in the casings.
  • Potato Salad – ours was store bought BUT
    • Potato Salad can always be improved with a little pickle relish.
    • If you’re making Potato Salad pickle juice is the killer secret ingredient
    • Red Bliss potatoes make great potato salad
    • Onions should be avoided in Potato Salad – they should be sliced and put on the burgers. No discussion.

Potato Salad

  • What’s the big dealio with coconut water? It may be fashionable, but it tastes like drek (a polite substitute for the 4 letter word I would prefer to use). I just don’t get it. Perhaps I was born in the wrong zipcode code. I did Google it…..and according to Wikipedia (a quick source, not necessarily a through one…):

“The Documentation Center of Cambodia cited the practice of allowing untrained nurses to administer green coconut water during the Pol Pot regime as a crime against humanity.[7]” .


  • Olives and Mushrooms have Lovers and Haters, and no middle ground. They will always be on the table, they will never be on every plate. Which works out just fine.
  • More people ate the green salad at the end of the meal then a the beginning. There was salad, more salad and enough salad.
  • The table was cleared and bowls of fruit came out – pineapple, cantaloupe and watermelon.

fruit bowls fresh cutand then………


Nothing says New England then a little something from Friendly’s.

Worth waiting for - they don't sell this in the Winter. Lemon sherbert,

Worth waiting for – they don’t sell this in the Winter. Lemon sherbert, watermelon sherbert and chocolate chip seeds. Glory days!

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