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Coffee time

It’s official  – this has been the darkest May on record. The least sun for this much May ever recorded.To think I was reading the weather news to escape the Election news…..A little more coffee seems in order.

Van Gogh, Coffeepot, Earthenware and Fruit, May 1888. Oil on canvas, 65 x 81 cm. Private collection.

Vincent Van Gogh – 1889 Nice coffee pot.

Cezanne 1890 woman w coffeepot

Cezanne also had time for a little coffee – 1890

Chardin coffeepot

Chardin – Glass of Water and a Coffeepot. This painting is at the Carnegie Museum of Art.c. 1761

Renoir coffee-pot

Renoir also had time for coffee

Toulousse Lautrec coffee-pot

Toulouse-LauTrec also had coffee time


Matisse had fruit with his coffee.


Even Picasso had coffee.


Automat – Edward Hopper

coffee hopper

Coffee – another Edward Hopper

And Mercury is in Transit….just a little more shade on the sun…..


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“Inspiration does exist but it must find you working.”

—Pablo Picasso

Inspiration - Picasso

Thank you, Karen Resta for sharing

So, here I am working the blog thing and the rain is finally falling….and my umbrella is safely in car, not here with me in the coffee shop…..but after WEEKS of dry, a little rain isn’t a bother, not at all. It’s rather a relief. And I’m not made of sugar, so I won’t melt when I go out in it when I’m done here.

And it’s not that I’ve been uninspired as much as overwhelmed. And I’m no big fan of the whelmed feeling – that surge, that WAVE, that upside down feeling, both over turned and covered over.

Arcimbolo - The Cook - c. 1570

Arcimbolo – The Cook – c. 1570

The same painting, upside right. The bowl in whelmed.

The same painting, upside right. The bowl in whelmed.

And I’m trying to avoid whiny – both in others and in myself.


On the NOT whiny front:

In the Month of May assorted Pilgrim colleagues

recreated a painting:

The Cok - the sign

BTS - Molly  and Sally

BTS – Molly and Sally

 roasted ribs  on a spit

roasted butter on a spit (that’s right, BUTTER)

and assorted other feats of culinary awesomeness

Meanwhile on the home front…..


A reasonable facsimile of the ancestral abode….

Packing, sorting, soot removing……and missing my books. I grab at random tomes each time I go through the old address not currently fit for habitation.

One recent grab –

Marlena Speiler's From Pantry t Table  - helped me feed my boy and keep my sanity  back in the '90's...and now for those carrots I have to use soon....

Marlena Spieler’s From Pantry to Table – helped me feed my boy and keep my sanity back in the ’90’s…and now for those carrots I have to use soon….

 AND the Hokusai show is still at the MFA.

I haven’t missed it yet….now THERE’S a wave to be overwhelmed by….


The Great Wave off Kanagawa

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