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Summer, Squashed



So far this summer I’ve had fresh zucchini, fresh patty pan, fresh acorn but no fresh summer, squash.

patty or petit pan squashes

patty or petit pan squashes

Acorn squash - called 'vine apples' in 17th century England

Acorn squash – called ‘vine apples’ in 17th century England


What is summer without summer squash? Just in time, I was gifted 5# (and when did this become ‘hashtag’ and not ‘pound’? Or is it both?)

Mine are all yellow, and somewhat larger

Mine are all yellow, and somewhat larger

Thank you, Olivia Brownlee. Olivia also sings “The Cookin’ Tune” click and love.

Back to squash, what to do, what to do?

Salad Days, Soup Nights, when Autumn is new and Winter is still far.

First the salad…..

End of Summer Cool and Hot


5 T olive oil

4 garlic cloves, peeled

2 # small yellow summer squash, sliced into 1/3 inch rounds (or one 2# Summer Squash, cut into quarters and then cut into 1/3 inch triangles)

½ cup minced tender parsley stems


2 Tablespoons grated orange zest

2-3 teaspoons hot pepper flakes


  1. Heat a 12 inch skillet over medium heat until hot. This is done in 2 batches to keep it all from becoming too soupy. Add 2 Tablespoons of the oil then add the garlic and sauté for one minute.
  2. Add half the squash and half the parsley, season with salt. You want it to soften but not brown.
  3. Transfer to a large bowl and add 1 Tablespoon of the orange rind, and 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes. Stir together.
  4. Add 2 Tablespoon oil to the pan and heat until hot, add the rest of the squash and parsley, season with salt and cook until softened but not brown.
  5. Add to the bowl with the first batch, toss in the rest of the orange rind, and add 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes. Taste and adjust salt and red pepper. Add the last tablespoon of olive oil.
  6. Let stand for at least 10 minutes or up to an hour. May be refrigerated for up to 3 days (says him, not at my house, it doesn’t linger here that long) .

Mario Batali Molto Gusto.p.37Molto Mario

and then for the Soup Nights


1 # brown lentils

1 large onion

1 large celery rib with leaves OR 1 smallish fennel bulb

2 medium summer squash (2#) (or zukes or patty pans)

A quart  baggie of juice left over from canning tomatoes with water to total 6 cups OR

2 large tomatoes and

6 Cups water

optional add ins – 1 or 2 carrots or 1 or 2 small turnips or maybe a potato…whatever’s lonely in the bin

1 cup ditalini, tubetti, or elbows

  1. Combine veggies and lentils in slow cooker and cook on low 7 hours.
  2. Add pasta and salt and cook on high for 30 minutes
  3. Serve hot with cheese – Parmigiano or Romano , you know what you like

AND the cool and the next day when the pasta absorbs the liquid and it’s not really soup anymore,: Frittata base!

Michele Scicolone The Italian Slow Cooker p.32. She calls it Sicilian Lentil, Vegetable and Pasta Soup

Italian slow cooker book

A little orange zest is not amiss, esp if you have any left from the other squash recipe. Or put a little zest in your coffee – it beats the heck out of Pumpkin Pie Spice Everything.





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Aglio e Olio

Aglio and Olio is Garlic and Oil and that’s another Meatless Monday Dish.

garlic lots

The Garlic and Oil are the sauce for spaghetti.

Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil

10 garlic cloves, thinly sliced(most other recipes call for less – but then it’s merely garlic-ish and not garlic. Garlic keeps you healthy and the parsley helps your breath)

6 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon red pepper flakes

¼ cup finely chopped fresh parsley ( plus more for sprinkling on top)

1 pound spaghetti

Grating cheese

  1. Start a pot of water for the spaghetti
  2. Put olive oil and slice garlic in another pan over medium heat. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE. Do not get distracted for the next 3-4 minutes. Stir this occasionally until the garlic just starts to begin to brown – 2-3 minutes.
  3. Add the red pepper flakes and the chopped parsley. Stir it around and remove from the heat.
  4. When the water comes to a boil, add salt and the spaghetti.  Cook until al dente. Save a ½ cup of the pasta water and then drain.
  5. Put the spaghetti back in the cooking pot, add the garlic and oil mixture and ¼ cup of the pasta water. Toss over medium heat until all the spaghetti is well coated, adding more water if necessary.
  6. Serve with grated cheese.

From Mario Batali. Molto Gusto. p. 140.

Molto Mario

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