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Cherries, Take Two

Take some cherry tomatoes


Add some fresh mozzarella  –ciliegini – little cherry size

mozzerella, fresh


With basil and  a little olive oil …a lovely summer salad. Serve with Scali bread to mop up the juices..

scali bread

If you can’t find Scali bread, here’s a link on how to make some : http://blog.kingarthurflour.com/2008/03/26/for-the-love-of-scali-bread/

The next night…

Take what’s left of the tomato and cheese, which has been marinating in balsamic vinegar all night…..drool….And add to hot pasta

Practically instant, low cook supper.


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Toast is sooo underrated……

Toast and Cheese  from food52

toast toaster

Toast Toaster – mosaic of 3,053 pieces of toast

Check out the artist here

Boston Cream Pie French Toast from King Arthur Flour here

As IF - either French Toast OR Boston Cream Pie weren't enough...Thank you, King Arthur Flour for putting them together!

As IF – either French Toast OR Boston Cream Pie weren’t enough…Thank you, King Arthur Flour for putting them together!


is such a little word that holds so many meanings..

It’s tea and toast,

Toast fork - to make toast old school

Toast fork – to make toast old school

Cinnamon toast, and therefore cinnamon toast crunch

cinnamon toast



A toast sandwich is a sandwich made by putting a thin slice of toast between two thin slices of bread with a layer of butter, and adding salt and pepper to taste. Its origins can be traced to the Victorian years. A recipe for making it is included in the 1861 Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton

Toast sandwich

Toast sandwich

Sweet or savory, breakfast or supper, summer or winter…..toast is a Good Thing.


Toast – ordinary bread improved.

Georg Flegel. Still-Life with Clove Pinks - 1630-1635.

Georg Flegel. Still-Life with Clove Pinks – 1630-1635. Toast soldiers!

Some 17th century toasts……..

Toasts of Divers sorts.

First, in Butter or Oyl.

Take a cast of fine roals or round manchet, chip them, and cut them onto toasts, fry them in clarified butter, frying oil, or sallet oyl, but before you fry them, dip them in fair water, and being fried, serve them in a clean dish piled one upon another, and sugar between.

  1. 175.


Toste them before the fire, and run them over with butter, sugar, or oyl.

  1. 175

Cinamon Toasts.

Cut fine thin toasts, then toast them on a gridiron, and lay them in ranks in a dish, put to them fine beaten cinamon mixed with sugar and some claret, warm them over the fire, and serve them hot.

  1. 176.

French Toasts.

Cut French bread, and toast it in pretty thick toasts on a clean gridiron, and serve them steeped in claret, sack, or any wine, with sugar and juyce of orange.

  1. 176
  2. Robert May. The Accomplist Cook. Prospect Book ed. pp noted.

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