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New Moon Resolutions

Miss the year, get it together by the moon.

Today, January 20th is the first new moon of the year and it’s a SuperNew moon. Evidently, that’s even better than a regular ole new moon.

resolve 2015This poster from the Humanities Nebraska is my inspiration for Resolutions 2015.

  1. Read a classic work of literature. Jane Austin’s Emma was already on my list to re-visit in June. emma-jane-austen Gwyneth Paltrow and Toni Collette in the 1996 versionI just love the strawberry picking party. I laughed so hard the first time I read it. I didn't know serious books could be funny.
  2. Instead of writing poetry, I’m going to read a few more a little more often. If I do write poetry, it’ll probably be Pie-ku.
  3. I’m jumping around, I admit, but the chart doesn’t have cooking or eating, and I intend to do both – another Pie in the Sky pie and I’m looking forward to join the South Shore Locavores to make pies again for the Food Pantry
  4. Attend, choose, listen – yep, on the list
  5. Ponder soups
  6. Explore flatbreads on a griddle
  7. Learn five sentences in different  language….if that language were Italian …..
  8. I feel like I’m forgetting to mention something really obvious – I guess that’s what the Next New Moon is for.

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More Pudding ( a wicked way back one….)

and a Pudding Contest.
Here are the rules for the 2014 Pudding Hollow Pudding Contest:

This is the pudding mold/crown for the winner of the contest – knowing Tinky, there will be other wonderful prizes as well

1. Contestants must be able to come to Hawley, Massachusetts, on September 28 by 11 am. If you are unable to attend the actual contest, you may send your pudding with a representative. You will be eligible for some prizes but not for the first-place award. Contestants must bring enough pudding to serve at least eight people and must march in the PUDDING PARADE. (If finalists are coming from far away, they may arrange to reheat their puddings in local kitchens.)

2. All recipes must be from original sources. That is, the formula for your own squash pudding or your Aunt Myrtle’s rice pudding is eligible. A recipe from a book is not.

3. Ingredients must be listed in the order used in the recipe. All ingredients listed must be used in the recipe instructions.

4. No pudding that has reached the finals in a previous year may be reentered.

5. Recipes will not be returned. The Sons & Daughters of Hawley and the Merry Lion Press reserve the right to reprint all recipes. No pudding will be accepted in the contest without a recipe.


and now for a pudding from the past, in verse no less….

Receipt for a Pudding

 If the vicar you treat,
You must give him to eat,
A pudding to hit his affection;
And to make his repast,
By the canon of taste,
Be the present receipt your direction.

First take two pounds of Bread,
Be the crumb only weigh’d,
For the crust the good house-wife refuses;
The proportion you’ll guess,
May be made more or less,
To the size that each family chuses.

Then its sweetness to make
Some currants you take
And Sugar of each half a pound
Be not butter forgot
And the quantity sought
Must the same with your currants be found

Cloves & mace you will want,
With rose water I grant,
And more savory things if well chosen;
Then to bind each ingredient,
You’ll find it expedient,
Of Eggs to put in half a dozen.

Some milk don’t refuse it,
But boiled ere you use it,
A proper hint this for its maker;
And the whole when compleat,
In a pan clean and neat,
With care recommend to the baker.

In praise of this pudding,
I vouch it a good one,
Or should you suspect a fond word;
To every Guest,
Perhaps it is best,
Two puddings should smoke on the board.

Two puddings!– yet – no,
For if one will do,
The other comes in out of season;
And these lines but obey,
Nor can anyone say,
That this pudding’s with-out rhyme or reason

Contributed by Mrs. Cassandra Austen(Jane’s mother) to Martha Lloyd’s collection of recipes, 1808The Poetry of Jane Austen and the Austen Family  by David Selwyn (Editor)

Jane Austin

Jane Austin

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