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National Home Bread Baking Day

is today.



It’s easy. Really.

Four Ingredients.

Flour. Water. Salt. Leaven.

No machines.

And you can do it on whatever your schedule is.




Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day. Jeff Hertzberg, M.D. and Zoë François . If you don’t know them, let me introduce you. They have a blog on their website. They have a book for Gluten Free. They have another for pizza. And one for whole grains.


This book came out in 2007, and for a change, I got it while it was new. It meant we ate fresh home-baked unless I choose to try bread from someone else. No longer stuck with grocery store bread because, because, because….

You mix up the dough once, toss it in the fridge, and take out a lump to bake when you need it.


Further back in time, back in the dim, dark ages of the 20th century, Laurie ColwinLaurie Colwin had written  of a similar approach, but in essay form, and I had tried it and then forgot. AB5 has step by step instructions and photographs and is perhaps the most basic of basic bread dough making that I have ever read. And I read a whole lot about bread and dough.

good bread when you want and need bread

good bread when you want and need bread

So, stop reading already – go make some dough!

Jeff and Zoe - you'll be on a first name basis with pretty quick

Jeff and Zoe – you’ll be on a first name basis with pretty quick

The Master recipe is on the website… I’ve got loaves to form, see ya soon!

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