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Shrimp Girl

I’ve been so busy eating and cooking and eating and eating…..I haven’t been writing about it. Much of my cooking has been taking what was left and making into something new, something fresh, something different…..

Like leftover shrimp from Christmas Day….


There was some of THIS left….stay late at the party, score the leftovers!

As much as I love just picking and dunking shrimp to cocktail sauce…..and then thinking

“Is it TRUE that shrimp cocktail came about because of Prohibition?”

Or was that FRUIT cocktail????

I wanted a hot meal, but since the shrimp was already cooked, it just needed to be a re-heat element.



Eat Feed Autumn Winter – Anne Bramley

Anne Bramley also does the podcast EATFEED – I’m interviewed in the  PIE episode.

But I had pulled this book off the shelf, and sure as shooting – shrimp!

Citrus in Season

Chapter 18

Chili Lime Shrimp with Rice

Coconut Black Beans

pp. 148-151.

Since this was a light supper, I made a few revisions:

Chili Lime Rice with Shrimp (and coconut)

I made some rice, adding the zest of the lime and some hot pepper. When the rice was done I added the naked shrimp, chopped, and bit of coconut and served it in a rice bowl with a squeeze of the the now naked lime – note to self – next time squeeze citrus first and then zest.


These are the rice bowls currently for sale at Williams-Sonoma. I bought a set of 12 for less , much less then a set of four now goers for, back in the olden days of the Carter Administration. I still have two.  Nine moves and three decades.

Anne also quotes Harry Nilsson… you know

which make me think of


The Shrimp Girl is a painting by the English artist William Hogarth. It was painted around 1740–45, and is held by the National Gallery, London.

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Bits and Pieces

Busy week behind and busy week ahead…

Pieter de Hooch A Woman Peeling Apples

Pieter de Hooch A Woman Peeling Apples

last week

  • Monday was President’s Day and no snow to shovel. Susan McLellan Plaisted made George Washington’s Mush Cakes on Bites of Food History
  • Tuesday Colonial Foodways had 2 programs at Plimoth Plantation – Take and Bake Apple Tarts in the morning; Curds to Curd Fritters (with some ashcakes) in the afternoon Apple Tart recipe here and the curd fritters here on the Pilgrim Seasonings blog
  • Wednesday was a blur….but
  • Thursday, meeting of the South Shore Locovores on Home Cooking – more on that later
  • on Friday, I was one of many talking to Anne Bramley about pies, and Columbus was 1492, not 1592, which is what I said, but I didn’t mean…. Eat Feed podcast Pie: A Large Slice of Everything in A Crust 
  • Saturday, Rhode Island Flower Show   where we saw the Fabulous Beekman Boys and Roger Swain …
    Me with Brent and Josh - they are truly nicer then nice

    Me with Brent and Josh – they are truly nicer then nice – I had some gifts for Polka Spot

    Roger Swain, formerly of The Victory Garden with fanboys Brent and Josh

    Roger Swain, formerly of The Victory Garden with fanboys Brent Ridge  and Josh Kilmer-Purcell at the Rhode Island Flower Show

    Next week – Spring Training begins…not the Red Sox, the Pilgrims.

I’ve got my fingers crossed that these links will work….


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