Just a little more…having found one

popcorn macroon allrecipes2017

and then another…..

I found a third

popcorn macaroon recipe

So I’m sharing.


Pop Corn Macaroons

        Mix half a cupful of popped and rolled corn (Nelson’s is the best). And half a package of chopped raisins, one cupful of powdered sugar, the whites of two eggs and a tablespoon of flour together and drop on greased brown paper by the tablespoonsful and bake in a moderate oven until light brown.

  • Talbott, Mary Hamilton. Pop Corn Recipes. Grinnell, Iowa: Sam Nelson, Jr., Company, 1916. n.p. in In Andy Smith’s Popped Culture, University of South Carolina Press, 1999. p. 200.



Popped Culture


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2 responses to “PopCorn!

  1. Popcorn confections were common until the invention of the popcorn maker by C.C. Cretors, who introduced it by giving away hot buttered popcorn at the 1893 World’s Fair. Before that, popcorn was too dry to enjoy on its own. My great-grandmother’s Boston Cooking School cookbook suggests pounding the popcorn and then pouring cream over it, sprinkling on a little sugar, and eating it as breakfast cereal. (Probably no worse for you than cornflakes.) The most popular confection was the popcorn ball. Even gets mentioned in Willa Cather’s writing about life on the Great Plains. For my book, Midwest Maize, I had the great fun of getting a recipe from a top French chef whose grandmother made popcorn balls. But popcorn was a far more versatile ingredient back in the day.

    • Popcorn as breakfast cereal just never caught on – and yet puffed rice…..WWI brought a resurgence of corn/popcorn recipes for the War effort. I’m beginning to think that some of these recipes are more informally passed along – via newspapers and magazines, and not proper cookbook fare. Still – Popcorn!

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