Christmas Magic!

Time to wrap the pressies…

but first – where’s the TAPE?????

Wrapping paper, tags., working pen to write the names on the tags…..

Add TAPE to the list

Time to run the errands

I could get the cheap and easy disposable roll….

But here’s a dispenser….


The label says,”Dispenser with MAGIC’. I think I want THIS one!

So I’ll be wrapping all the presents with magic….Christmas magic.

And now for some real magic…

My cousin Jeanne sent me a Christmas card  – nice, but that’s not the magic part.

As I pulled the mail out of my mailbox (this may be more properly a letterbox..)


One envelope had a giant blue question mark on it.




It was only AFTER I had opened it and read it and double checked that I had her most up to date address, that I noticed.

It had been sent to my old address

I moved last year, so not so bad.

But not to the last address….the one before that.

The ten years ago address

And yet here it was at the right place, right on time.

Awesome work, Postal Carrier!

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a

Good Night!

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One response to “Christmas Magic!

  1. Irma Wall

    A very nice note about the postal worker…….. IBW

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