Pancakes! Pancakes!

Today is Shrove Tuesday

 a/k/a/ Mardi Gras


Fat Tuesday

and is also, also known as


That would be today, day before Ash Wednesday, which is the day when Lent begins. Today is the day to traditionally chow down before the fasting begins. Chow down on pancakes.

pancake EC

Eric Carle walks you through everything you need to do to make pancakes in this gem. First, harvest the grain…..

As it happened, the box I was unpacking while waiting for the Blizzard (I’m sure it has a name, but we are NOT on speaking terms, raging storm and I) was the pile of magazines that was beside my reading chair the night before the fire in my old place. Since it was a Friday night, and the recycling was due on the curb first thing Tuesday morning, I was going through my April issues, earmarking, ripping out, passing on…..It’s a little spooky to find a magazine folded back to a page you left it on months earlier, let me tell you.

But FoodNetwork Magazine April 2015 issue was a special BREAKFAST issue

FNMApr 2015

So, of coarse, there’s a pancake story.

Pancakes, Your Way

click the links






17th century English  Hunger is following Jack of Lent, riding a fish, following Shrove Tuesday who has a pancake pan, and possibly some weight issues….

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