New Post

While I’ve been away  from here – it wasn’t far, I promise – WordPress changed things around so now I’m thoroughly confused.

So, while I have another cup of coffee at my favorite coffee place….

kisskadee interior

I’m at the counter – the seat at the end

a few food type things –

  • pickled cranberries are AMAZING – more about them later
  • last Wednesday I was with 44 other people who made 65 apple pies for the local food pantry to distribute for Thanksgiving
  • and the usual Thanksgiving Spokemodel things, like this Wednesday at 6:30 AM on FUN 107
  • Yes, that’s right,  6:30 AM  in the morning….I not only play a Pilgrim Wife, I keep Pilgrim hours. Hence the need for coffee.
  • And the day after Thanksgiving isn’t really  ‘Black Friday’ – that’s a marketing gimmick. It REALLY is




pumpkin pie


pie chart

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One response to “New Post

  1. Beth

    just another reason why you are amazing! had to laugh at this as sometimes all this t day stuff gets me nostalgic.

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