Hello, again, Hello!

Life happens.

You stay late on your Friday night (which is actually a Saturday) and some of your co-workers come back and ask you which yellow house down the street is yours….because fire trucks are outside one, and smoke is coming out a window…

AND – it IS your house, but downstairs and you live upstairs, and there’s smoke damage up there, but nothing lost….

SO your little sister comes and gets you, and takes you back to the house you were raised in to spend the night .

The next day, being a Sunday, you go out to lunch with said little Sis  and the Mother and your Son, now a grown-up, joins you to take you back  to your own place.

What to be done? WHAT to be done?

Laundry, laundry, laundry and dry cleaning ; Scrub everything else down  – Simple Green and Mrs Meyers to the rescue!

A Spring Clean of Epic proportions!


But first –  coffee run.

I'm sitting at the table closet to the edge of the photo - pull up a chair and join me!

I’m sitting at the table closet to the edge of the photo – pull up a chair and join me!

Of course, I ran into people and chatted – but 2 cups of coffee later, I was fully caffeinated and ready to clean the Aegean Stables, so my place was a Simple Green piece of cake…are those fire trucks? Down the street? In front of my house? Again????


Did I mention that these guys are awesome? So professional, and nice, too.

Did I mention that my car is also behaving badly? I’m allowed to go in and get a few things, and now my little brother comes to get me as I move, temporarily, indefinitely,  back to the ancestral home.


Like a good martini – a proper martini and not one of those -ini artisan drinks – I am a little shaken, rattled even, but fine.

With all of my routines upside down, my thinking – and writing – has also been a little scattered. and upside down. I just need to balance the input and output axes to the spin axis …..voila



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3 responses to “Hello, again, Hello!

  1. It’s good to know you are safe. Best wishes.

  2. Ack! What a weekend! I hope all is well now and that you can have time to put everything to rights. Thank God for family and firefighters and Simple Green!

  3. Hope you get sorted out soon. Hopefully there’s noting else that can go wrong!

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