Going through the Recipe Box that Grandma B gave me, which included her meatloaf, lovely marvelous meatloaf.

She says that you can easily half the recipe, but then you wouldn’t have meatloaf for sandwiches  the next day.


Can be made ahead


2 lbs ground chuck – NOT TOO LEAN


Med ONION chopped

2/3 C MILK

2 tsp Salt – Pepper if desired

20 crushed saltines – soda crackers

Top with 3 or 4 strips of BACON & Catsup

Mix 1st 6 (ingredients) and place in a baking dish or shape into a LOAF & place in roaster.

Top with BACON strips.

Cover top with catsup – A THIN COAT.

Bake 350° for 1 hr.

EASY TO Cut this recipe in half.

– A Grandma B Recipe Card – pretty much copied exactly the way she wrote it. Can you can hear the Nebraska?


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  1. Irma Wall

    kwall…………I used almost the same ingredients, except I used bread crumbs instead of crackers and put the catsup in the meatloaf instead of on top. It was simply delicious and I had plenty leftover for sandwiches the next day…………..IMW

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