100 posts of food on the WALL…

musical-note-3-clip-art_114295_Musical_Note_3_clip_art_hight100 posts of food…

Oh, wait, the song was 99 bottles of beer….and they get fewer and fewer, while posts on the wall will become more and more…..

Yes, they will. Because when I first started making pies, the advice I got from my great Aunt Eileen, who I have no memory of having ever baked anything that even got on any table that I may have ever been at. Or near. But who had opinions like nobodies business.

Apple not falling far from that part of the family tree? apple tree with apples underneathAnyhow, she said, that with pies, the first 500 don’t count. In short, practice makes perfect. No doubt she’d say the same thing about blogs. Which sounds an awful lot like Malcolm Gladwell’s

10,000 Hour Rule :

“achievement is talent plus preparation.”


Malcolm Gladwell

More on talent and lucky breaks and angels later.And pies, more on pies later.

When I began this, some 99 post ago, I hadn’t done much preparation. In fact it was pretty darn spontaneous. I wanted to write about food, my son wanted my recipes; he set up a blog page and a Facebook page, and I was off and running.

Running into all sorts of walls, many of my own making.

I could have spent more time considering my naming options


  • Off the Wall off the wallor
  • Fly on the Wall (OK – that’s a little creepy) Fly-on-the-Wall-Logo-Sketches-592x418and then there’s
  • Wall Nuts ….brickwall1Or
  • Wall Papers.

    This is brick wall wall paper. At one point we had texture brick wall paper in the kitchen....and it was wicked cool. Until it started getting dented....

    This is brick wall wall paper. At one point we had texture brick wall paper in the kitchen….and it was wicked cool. Until it started getting dented….

Another brick wall I didn’t see coming into this:

I did not live my childhood alone.

No clue. How to include or not include …..this is tough stuff. And it’s not just about the people I’m still in touch with – it’s also the memories of those who have gone before.

Still looking for the doorways.bricked doorway in vintage stone walland the other brick wall…

I don’t know how to write in Italian.

This makes it really difficult to write about the Italian people in my family, without making them sound like movie Italians, and I don’t mean Movie STAR Italians

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

I mean Movie Stereotype Italians


“That’sa spicy meataballa” anyone?

  • and, I hadn’t counted on how much the historic food was a part my food thought processes.
  • Coming attractions;
    • Meatballs are not a recipe and other lessons from Nonna
    • Chicken soup, with and without rice
    • Pies
    • More chili
    • More breads
    • More cookies
    • and just generally more.

Thank you



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