Barbeque Cheetos

Cheetos now come in flavors…including barbeque.

cheetos bag
My brothers and I invented them back in the Johnson administration. Pity we were too young to know about copyright and all that.

There has been a huge amount of talk lately about what is and isn’t a processed food; frozen spinach is processed food, but so is (are?) Betty Crocker Au Gratin Potatoes ,  bcagpas well as Cheetos. The potatoes and the definition of processed food are two different posts.

But seeing Cheetos (or whatever generic facsimile is being used in the photos) brought me back. Way back.
It was summer, the grill had been going in the back yard. We had eaten and there were Cheetos. This was an unusual enough event I should remember the why and the how, but the simple fact is the most memorable part was –

WE HAD CHEETOS. cheetoes ish

We did not usually have Cheet0s. We didn’t even often have Cheetos. We were fed a steady diet of food the the government still hasn’t called processed.
Not only that, but the grown-ups had retreated indoors away from the mosquitoes and we were left outside to run around and get good and tired before bed.
And the grill was still hot.


We would carefully pass them around, each one of us getting an equal amount of Cheetos (it seems that the singular and the plural are the same word…) , and eat one.

And then we’d run around some more.
And pass more around.

The condiments were out…we must have had a picnic supper.

Not our yard, but pretty close...

Not our yard, but pretty close…remember, the grown-ups are gone inside

Condiments on Cheetos – best dip evah!
Which one of us though to heat them up on the grill?
Matters not, we all agreed it was GENIUS.
But, to successfully grill the Cheetos, it must be long enough to fit across three grates to keep it from dropping in. When it drops in it shoots up flame, which gets you (under the age of 8; we were all under the age of 8) all the wrong kinds of notice.
It was getting to the end of the bag. More Cheet-ettes then Cheetos. They were getting too small to grill.

What to do?

What to DO???

Why, why not heat up the whole bowl? There was only a layer left of the smallest and finest Cheetos, not much more then crumbs, really the FLOUR of Cheetos.
The very best part, the part that is all flavor. Flavor and very little else, except whatever it is that turns your fingers and lips bright orange.
So we put the bowl on the grill.

again, not the actual bowl - this is a re-created scene. Is there a TV show that does this sort of thing?

again, not the actual bowl – this is a re-created scene. Isn’t there a TV show that does this sort of thing?

And ran around some more.
What was that smell? Not the heavenly waft of toasty Cheetos but


And what was that



we set the bowl on fire!!!!!

This incident pre-dates Mr Bill, and so loose points on historical accuracy...

This incident pre-dates Mr Bill, and so looses points on historical accuracy…

And so we learned about…..



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