The Mason Fixin’ Line

Mason-Dixon Line divides the North from the South


The Mason Fixin’ Line has been drawn in recent years by the trend to prepare and serve food in Mason Jars.

The Mason Fixin’ Line has officially been crossed.

Not too long ago (sometime in April, actually) I reached my limit to food served in Mason Jars , especially food served in Mason Jars for no good reason except twee, I mean fashionable hipster cred.

The thing is, there is nothing fashionable nor hip nor credible  about a jar per se , especially one that is not used honestly.

Pickles in a jar? Honest.home-made-pickles-jar-12003596

The lid of said pickle jar nailed to a board over the workbench to hold little nails? Total honesty.

nails in a jar

Dessert served in a mason jar? If it’s not jelly……not so honest.

Special jar lids with straws poking through them to sip Cardamon/Thai Basil /organically grown Green Tea sweetened with Fair Trade Agave? Not so honest. mason jars - twee

So when I saw oatmeal to go packed  in mason jars at the food section of Marshall’s….huge sigh. Where does the insanity end????????

But the name of the company that was packaging oats to go?

Haulin’ Oats…..which would be a great name for a rock band….haulin oats banner…..wait a minute….

Hall& Oates

Hall & Oates

They're still around...

They’re still around…

But it was this:


Haulin' Oats oatmeal

Haulin’ Oats oatmeal


I have to admit, the name is great. But $4 for a little jar of oatmeal? As the Mark Down Price??? No thank you.

A box of Old fashioned oats  - under $3 - multiple servings

A box of Old fashioned oats – under $3 – multiple servings

But a week later it was marked down to $2…..and the flavor was “Chai a Little Tenderness”…..the other flavors are Cinnamon Girl, Date in the Life,  and Lavender Blue. I must have been hungry –  I bought it.

The directions are uber-simple – add hot water, put the lid back on and wait 5 minutes.

Besides rolled oats, the little jar also had almond butter and coconut oil (it had a very rich and creamy texture), brown sugar, ground flaxseed, pecans, raisins, crystallized ginger, vanilla extract and cinnamon, ginger, cardomnon and nutmeg.

One taste and I realize I’d been under-seasoning my oats – these were fantastic! The almond butter was also a nice touch. BUT… the little pint jar contains 2 servings. Two spoons? Half for now and half for tomorrow? Of course, I hadn’t read the label until I had eaten it all……

SO – lessons learned:

  1. $4 is too much for a serving of oatmeal.
  2. 548 is too many calories for breakfast.
  3. You can prepare oatmeal in a mason jar, just by pouring boiling water over the oats and putting the lid on.
  4. Hall & Oates should record Cinnamon Girl





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5 responses to “The Mason Fixin’ Line

  1. I love this post! I have to admit I get a charge out of flavoring my store brand instant oatmeal in different ways. My standard is shredded coconut, dried cranberries, and whatever type of nuts we have in the house. If I’m in a particularly junk food mood I do peanut butter Cap’n Crunch style oatmeal (no crunch, but anyway) big spoon of peanut butter and a small spoon of brown sugar. If I’m feeling nostalgic I eat it the way my grandmother did with a big pat of butter in the middle and white sugar. It’s a lot cheaper than the stuff you got and when you make it yourself, you’d actually have to work to figure the calorie count. Guess I’m into denial…

    • Since I eat oatmeal just about every morning I’m always looking for something to shake it up. Today – a spoon of almond butter, twice as as much cinnamon as I ordinarily use and fresh blueberries – the almond butter made it rich and upped the protein and seemed a littler nicer then peanut butter with the blues. Peanut butter and apples, though….
      XoX KMW

  2. Kathleen, I avoid hipster-doofusism at all costs. Even if it means I miss out on something I might actually like. 😀 I so hate trends and am determined to neither follow them nor start them.

    • I try to stay open to something new….and then the new becomes commonplace, and then it’s just a deep breath away from ridiculous…. but trendy, doing something because other total strangers are doing it…well, if they were jumping off a bridge would I jump, too? I think not.

    • Also – I love the underused word doofusism

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