The Second Day of Christmas

Day late and dollar short….
the dot dot dot is for you, Andrew.

I was going to begin on the First Day of Christmas, being a first, but life happened.

It seems the post nasal drip/sympathy sore throat for my son’s friend who had his tonsils removed thing that I was actively ignoring and in total denial about on Christmas Day was actual sickness.

So to my entire family, all four generations gathered in the old home town for Christmas – sorry.

I had been scribbling away all sorts of things about firsts and beginnings and starts (and fits and starts).

But most of life is in the middle of things, so I’m going to start there.

I’ve spent the last few decades researching food history  – an unlikely story in the first place and the only logical place for me to end up as well – and the dream document, the ONE THING that would make it accurate in every detail, would be some sort of record of one of the people connected with the site.

If only they had blogs in the past.

So this is a record of the present, full of food and how it got to my table, and what I think about it all, as well as the food related things, which is just about everything.

The problem is, I have a real short span of attention, and I’m not very good at navel gazing. Did I mention the easily distracted thing? Is that a squirrel????

And I have opinions. About everything. And I’m willing to share. None of them are carved in stone, and I’m always ready to modify/update/change and stand corrected.

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